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Viewing Completed Tasks

The tasks that have been completed are hidden in the default view of the Tasks browse screen in a Contract, Company, and Project Profile. However, you can change the view so that you can display all of the completed tasks, along with any notes entered by the user who completed the task.

A completed task is viewed from the Tasks browse screen in a Contract Profile, Company Profile, and Project Profile.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to viewing a completed task in a Company Profile and Project Profile.



Tasks link

Click to display the Tasks browse screen.


Show Completed button

Click to change the view in the browse screen from open tasks to open and completed tasks.


Completed Task records

View the tasks that have been completed.

Note: Completed tasks are displayed in strikethrough text and contain Closure Notes. Tasks that are past due are displayed in red text.


Closure Notes

View the information provided by the user who completed the task.


Reopen icon

Click on a completed task's icon to reopen it.

Note: The icon only displays if you are the task "owner" (person responsible for completing the task), or if you are the person who created the task.


Hide Completed button

Click to return to the default view, which display only open tasks.

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