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Receiving Event Notification Reports

Event Notification Reports are delivered via email messages, which are automatically generated by Novatus and sent to any user who is an "event owner" for a contract or company event that has not been completed or any series that has not been closed. You can opt to receive Event Notification Reports for a contract or company event by simply subscribing to the event.

An event owner receives a weekly Event Notification Report on Monday morning if any of the events that he/she owns are due in the next seven (7) days. During that week, if an event is still not completed or closed, the event owner receives a second Event Notification Report email on the day of the event to notify the owner that the event needs to be completed by end-of-day, or rescheduled. Otherwise, the event's status will become Past Due.

Weekly Event Notification Reports

On Sunday of each week, Novatus emails an Event Notification Report to every user who is designated as an "owner" of a Scheduled, Due, Escalated, or Past Due event that has not been completed or closed. The report is also sent to any user who has "subscribed" to one or more of these open events.

The email contains summarized information for each event, including a color-coded event date, to ensure the owner is aware of the event's status and completes all events in a timely manner. Event dates are coded using the following color scheme: Green = Scheduled, Yellow = Due, Orange = Escalated, and Red = Past Due.

The email also lists all the key event fields from the Company and Contract Profiles, as well as any documents attached to the event. In addition, there are "hot links" in the body of the email message so that users can quickly access the Contract (Go To Contract), Company (Go To Company), and the Event (Go To Event) profiles in Novatus.

Daily Event Notification Reports

Every time an event is due (i.e., the Event Date = today's date), Novatus emails an additional Event Notification Report to the event owner(s) to ensure the event date is not missed. If other users also subscribe to the event, they too will receive the Report via email. Since event dates are color-coded in the email message (Green = Scheduled, Yellow = Due, Orange = Escalated, and Red = Past Due), the event date would display in yellow in the daily Event Notification Report email.

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