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Viewing the Event Completion History

Once an event has been completed or a series has been closed, you can view the information that was recorded for the completion or closure.

An event's completion history is viewed from the Events browse screen in a Contract Profile or Company Profile.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to viewing an event's completion history in a Company Profile.


Events link

Click to display the Events browse screen.


Event records

Locate the event whose completion history you want to view, and click on the event record to open its Event Profile. The event must have a status of Closed or there will be no completion history to view.


Completion History button

Click to display a screen that provides information on how and when the event was completed, along with the name of the user who completed the event.


Completion History records

Review the information for accuracy and completeness. In the example shown, the first event in the series was "completed," and then the series was closed on the following day.