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Closing an Event Series

An event series is a set of recurring individual events that occur monthly or yearly, or during some other recurring interval. An event series can be closed after the last occurrence of the event has taken place, or it can be closed at any time before the last occurrence of the event if some change or modification makes future events invalid.

Note: An event with a frequency of Single is closed by "marking the event as complete."

An event series is closed from the Events browse screen in a Contract Profile or Company Profile.

Note: Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to closing an event series in a Company Profile.



Events link

Click to display the Events browse screen. The link is appended by a number, indicating the number of events that have been added to the profile.


Event records

Locate the event whose series you want to close, and click on the event record to open its Event Profile. An event series has a frequency of Monthly or Yearly.

Important: You can mark an event with a frequency of Single as complete, which is the equivalent of closing the event.



Close Event Series button

Click to display a Close Event Series prompt.


Yes button

Click to display the Event Completion window


Event Completion Notes field

Enter information on closing the event series.


Submit button

Click to save your information and close the event series.

Note: After closing an event series, you can view its completion history.