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Completing an Event

Once the task associated with an event is completed, you should "mark" the event as complete to ensure Novatus does not continue sending email notifications for the event. If the frequency of an event is Single, which indicates it occurs only once, and the task associated with the event has been completed, you should "mark" the event as complete. However, if the frequency of an event is Monthly or Yearly, or some other recurring interval, this event is considered to be part of an event series. The events in a series can be closed individually, which is the same as "marking an event as complete," or you could close the entire series so that Novatus does not continue sending email notifications for the series.

An event is completed from the Events browse screen in a Contract Profile or Company Profile.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to completing an event in a Company Profile.



Events link

Click to display the Events browse screen.


Event records

Locate the event you want to complete, and click on the event record to open its Event Profile.

Important: You can mark an event with a frequency of Single as complete. You can also mark individual events in a series (i.e., events with a frequency of Monthly or Yearly) as complete.



Mark Completed button

Click to mark the event as completed and display the Event Completion window. In the example shown, marking the event, which is part of a series, as complete, closes only the instance of the event shown in the Event Profile. The remaining events in the series, which are scheduled to occur monthly, remain open. Therefore, Novatus will generate email notifications for the next monthly event.


Event Completion Notes field

Enter information on completing the event.


Submit button

Click to save your information and complete the event.

Note: After completing an event, you can view the event's completion history.