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Receiving Email for an Event

When a user creates an event in a Contract Profile or Company Profile, the user selects the individuals who should be notified of the upcoming event, and also designates the number of days prior to the event date that these individuals should to be notified (notification date). Novatus sends out individual email messages (event alerts) to these individuals on the notification date, advising them of the upcoming event.

The email message shows Novatus as the sender, and the subject line includes the name of the event, along with the contract number (or company name).

The email message below is for a contract event.


Body of email message

Review the information for the event, including the event date.

Note: Event dates are color-coded, depending on their status. Green = Scheduled, Yellow = Due, Orange = Escalated, and Red = Past Due.


Message links

Click the hot links in the message to be directed to the Contract (Go To Contract), Company (Go To Company), and the Event (Go To Event) profiles after logging into Novatus.


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