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Viewing an Event Profile

The Event Profile contains a description of the event, along with the notification and event dates, and the distribution list for the event. Documents can also be stored in the profile so they are available to be sent as attachments when the email is sent to the individuals on the distribution list.

The Action Bar in the Event Profile contains several buttons that allow you to perform various tasks related to the event, such as editing, completing, and deleting the event.

An Event Profile is accessed from the Events browse screen in a Contract Profile and Company Profile.

   Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to viewing an Event Profile in a Company Profile.


Events link

Click to display the Events browse screen.


Event records

Locate the event whose profile you want to view, and click on the event record to open its Event Profile.


Event data fields

View the information captured for the event (i.e., event name, description, frequency, dates (event, notification, and reminder), distribution (notification and reminder lists), and lead times for the event (warn days and reminder days).


Attached Documents section

View the documents that will be sent as attachments when email messages about the event are sent to the distribution list.


Download icon

Click to display a prompt that will allow you to view or download the document.

Note: Based on the browser you are using, one of the following prompts will display:

  • Opening window (Firefox) - Click OK to open the file, or select the Save radio button to open a window that allows you to rename the file and navigate to the location on your PC where you want to save the file, and then click the OK button.
  • Download bar (Internet Explorer) - Click on the Open button to open the file in Adobe Reader (or Acrobat), or click the Save → Open Folder buttons to open a Download window that allows you to navigate to the location on your PC where you want to save the file.
  • Download tab (Chrome) - Click on the tab to display the file in a new browser window where you can save, print, and rotate the file.


Edit Event button

Click to display the profile in edit mode, allowing you to edit the event.


Delete Event button

Click to delete the event.


Completion History button

Click to display a screen that provides a completion history of the event.


Subscribe toggle button

Click to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to an event. Subscribing to an event entitles you to receive periodic Event Notification Reports for the event via email.


Mark Complete button

Click to complete an event.


Close event series button

Click to close an event series (i.e., an event that occurs on a regularly scheduled basis).

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