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Editing a Word Document in Novatus (Direct Editing)

Documents in MS Word format that are uploaded and stored in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile can be opened and edited in Novatus, and then saved back to Novatus as the next document revision using the Direct Editing feature. Direct Editing is an efficient alternative to uploading a document revision every time a minor change is made to a document, and ensures users always have access to the most recent document since revisions are automatically numbered and clearly labeled.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the screen shots below, the same steps also apply to using the Direct Editing feature in a Company Profile and Project Profile.

1.  Open the Document Profile for the company, contract, or project document you want to directly edit.

2.  In the Document Profile screen, click Open in Word in the toolbar.

3.  Follow the onscreen prompts, which differ based on the browser you are using.

4.  When the document opens in MS Word, edit the document, and save it.


5.  In the prompt that signals Novatus that you are finished editing the document, click OK.

6.  Verify your edits were saved and the document was stored as the next revision by:

  • Checking the number displayed in the File Revision field in the Document Profile or in the Revision column in the Revisions section.
  • Previewing the document.