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Adding a Document

Documents can be added to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile from the Documents screen or from the Document Profile screen.  Documents stored in a Profile are secure and access to documents is controlled through your user roles.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the screen shot below, the same steps apply to adding a document in a Company Profile and Project Profile.

1.  Open a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

2.  In the Links section of the screen, click on the Documents link.

3.  In the Documents screen, click New Document in the toolbar.


4.  When the screen refreshes, make a selection in the Document Type list.

  Document types are added by your Administrator and displayed under categories for easy retrieval, such as Company, Contract, Global, and Project groups.

5.  Click Icon Select.png in the File field to display an upload window, navigate to the document you want to add, click on it to select it, and click Open.

6.  (Optional) Populate the Author, Effective Date, Current Expiration Date, and Description fields.

7.  Click Save.

The Document Profile screen displays, where you can perform a variety of tasks for the document:

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