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Locating a Document

There are two ways to locate a document and display its Document Profile:

  • Search for the document using the Elastic Search.
  • Search for the document in the Documents screen in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

Elastic SearchEdit section

An elastic search will locate a document using the name of the document or a keyword/phrase that is stored in the Document Profile.  The search will also locate text or values contained in a document file that has been uploaded to the Profile using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).  An elastic search will return results for documents stored in Company, Contract, and Project Profiles.

1.  Enter the name of the document, or other identifier, in the Search field in the Navigation Toolbar, and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.

2.  In the Results screen, select the Document check box in the TYPE section to display only document results. 

3.  Locate the document, and click on its Document link to display the Company, Contract, or Project Profile that houses the document.

  To download a copy of the document, click the Actions Icon ESearch.png, and click Download in the Elastic Search Results screen.

4.  Scroll to the Links section at the bottom of the screen to view the Document Profile.

Documents ScreenEdit section

The Documents screen displays a list of all the documents that are stored in the Company, Contract, or Project Profile, along with summary data for each document.

1. Open the Company, Contract, or Project Profile that contains the document.

2.  In the Links section, located at the bottom of the screen, click the Documents link.

3.  In the Documents screen, enter the name of the document, or other identifier, in the Search field, and press the ENTER key on your keyboard. 

  • If the document list is not lengthy, locate a document by scrolling through the list or using the navigation icons.

   The document fields that can be searched are Document Type, Document Type Group, File Name, File Type, Author, and Description. Use the Search filter to limit the fields that are searched by clicking Icon SearchList.png to display a list of fields. Select only the check box(es) for the field(s) you want to search to guarantee accurate results.

4.  Click on a document record to display its Document Profile.

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