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Project Workflows

The Workflows feature is run on a Project Profile via the Workflow Wizard, which provides different templates that mirror your company's business processes using a series of steps that are assigned, completed, and tracked. The wizard allows you to select the template and the team members needed to accomplish the workflow. Once a workflow step is completed, you and the other team members are notified via email so that attention can be directed to the next step. Communication with members of the workflow team may also be available from a workflow step. Documents can be uploaded and stored in a workflow for review and editing by members of the team. If a workflow step requires approval, a single approver may be designated, or a routing table may be required for two or more approvers

     A Task List is a simplified version of a workflow in that messaging is not available for individual steps and none of the steps can be approved or declined. Therefore, it is recommended that you review both the Workflow and Task List features to determine which option better suits your needs.

You can perform the following tasks related to a project workflow:

  Although the linked tasks below were written for a contract workflow, the steps in each task also apply to a project workflow.

  • View Workflows
  • Create a Workflow. When adding a project workflow, the option window below displays since you can add a workflow to the Project Profile, as well as any of the Contract or Company Profiles housed in the project.
Proj WF.png

When you choose the Select a contract or company radio button, a window displays with a list of the Contract and Company Profiles contained in the project. Once you select a profile, the workflow you add to the Company or Contract Profile is not restricted to the project - it is also added to the profile in Novatus.

If the workflow is specific to the project and you do not want to add it to any of the Contract or Company Profiles contained in the project, choose the Select the current project radio button to limit access to the workflow to yourself and/or the members of your Project Team.

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