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Viewing a Contract's Work Log History

The Work Log History generates a record whenever a user views the Contract Profile or edits any of the fields in the profile. The feature generates a work record whenever a user creates or edits an event, sends a message, captures or edits an additional form, or adds a workflow to the profile. A work record is also generated when a user downloads or edits a document; starts, edits, or completes a workflow step; completes a workflow or task; submits a document package for electronic signature; or closes a document package.

The Work Log History is viewed from the Contract Profile.


History link

Click to display the History screen.


Work Log History tab

Select to display the Work Log History screen.


History records

View the activities that users have performed for the Contract Profile.


Work Log Activity links

Click on any workflow, document, task, or document package link to be directed to the appropriate screen if you need additional information.


Log Level multi-select list

The default view is all Work Log History records, but you can refine the view by clicking on a selected record to deselect it. The list of records that you can view in the browse screen are:

  • Viewed record - all users who have viewed the Contract Profile
  • Created record - all events, additional forms, and workflows that users add to the profile, as well as any messages they send from the profile
  • Edited record - all fields that users update in the Contract Profile, along with the edits they make to documents and additional forms, as well as events and workflows (editing, completing, closing)
  • Downloaded record - all documents that users download to the profile
  • Completed workflow - all workflows that users complete from the profile
  • Started Workflow Step - all workflow steps that users initiate from the profile
  • Completed Workflow Step - all workflows steps that users complete from the profile
  • Completed Tasks - all tasks that users complete from the profile
  • Document Package Signatures Complete - all document packages that were submitted for electronic signature
  • Document Package Signed - all document packages that users complete (close)


Sort option

If you want to change the sort order of the data in a column, click on the column heading to toggle the sort order.


Column Display option

If you want to filter the information displayed, click on the arrow icon to the right of any column to display the Sort/Column menu, and select Columns to display a list of available fields. Select the fields you want displayed in the browse screen by clicking in the check box to the left of the field.


Reorder and Resize Columns

  • To resize a column, mouse over the right or left border of the header until the resize icon appears. Then, click on the border and drag it until the column is the desired width.
  • To move a column to a different location in the browse screen, click on the column header and then drag it to the left or right, and drop it in the desired location. If you are successfully moving a column of data, the icon displays during the move.
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