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Editing and Deleting Products in the Grid

Information for several products can be updated from a central location using the Product Grid. The Grid is useful if you have a lot of products with similar names, numbers, and/or product classifications since you can sort the products, thereby grouping like items, and making updates easier to apply. This is also true if you have a series of products with the same name, number, or classification that have been discontinued and need to be removed from the product list.

Products are edited and deleted in the Grid from the Products browse screen in a Contract Profile.

  You can also edit and delete products from the Products browse screen.


Products link

Click to display the Products browse screen.


Edit Product Grid button

Click to display the Product Grid.


Product record

Locate the product you want to edit or delete.

Note: To facilitate the location of a product record, click on a column heading (Product Name, Product Description, Product Unit of Measure, Product Quantity, Product Unit Price, or Product Number) to sort the information and make it easier to locate the product.


Product field or list

If you want to edit a product field or list, click inside the field to activate it. Type over the existing text, or make a different selection, in the list to edit the information.

Note: To edit the selection in the Product Classifications list, click on the list arrow in the field to display the Product Classifications window. Update the selection in the window, as needed.


Delete icon

If you want to delete the product, click on a product's Icon Delete icon.


Save button

Click to save your changes and edit the product information.

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