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Editing a Payment Forecast

You can easily edit the information for a payment forecast record, or you can replace the current forecast with an entirely new system-generated forecast.

The payment forecasts associated with a contract are edited from the Payments browse screen in a Contract Profile.



Payments link

Click to display the Payments browse screen.


Payment Stream

Locate the payment stream whose forecast you want to edit.


Forecast icon

Click the image1026.png icon to display a screen that allows you to edit its payment forecast.

Note: You can also view and generate a payment forecast using the image1026.png icon.



Forecast records

If you want to edit a forecast record, click in the Start Date, End Date, or Amount field to activate it, and then update the information. This would be necessary if the actual dates and/or amount of a payment differs from the forecasted amount.


Add Item button

Select if you want to add to the existing forecast records, populate the following fields:

  • Start Date - click in the field and enter the date the first payment will be made or received. You can also click on the Calendar icon to select the date.
  • No of Payments - enter the total number of payments that will be made or received during the forecasting period.
  • Frequency - select the frequency with which payments will be made or received. The options are Monthly, Annual, and Quarterly.
  • Amount - enter the dollar amount of each payment.
  • Increment Interval - if applicable, select how often the payment will increase during the time frame you are forecasting. The options are Monthly, Annual, and Quarterly.
  • Increment Percentage - if applicable, enter the percentage that the payment amount will increase during the time frame you are forecasting. For example, if the payment will increase 5%, enter .05 in the field, and if the payment will increase 10%, enter .10 in the field.


Delete button

If you want to delete an individual forecast record, click on its Icon Delete icon.


Replace Forecast option

If you want to replace the existing forecast with a new system-generated forecast:

  • Remove All button - click to remove the current forecast.
  • Populate the Start Date, No. of Payments, Frequency, and Amount fields. If applicable, populate the Incremental Percentage and Incremental Interval fields. In the example shown, the 5-year forecast for Professional Services is being updated by changing the percentage increase from 3% per year to 5% per year. The original Start Date (1/31/2015), No. of Payments (5), Amount (1,000), and Incremental Interval (Annual) fields are unchanged.
  • Generate Rows button - click to replace the payment forecast.



View Forecast

Scroll to the bottom of the screen to view the payment forecast. In the example shown above, the entire forecast was replaced with a new forecast since the increment percentage changed from 3% to 5%.


Save Payment Forecast button

Click to save your edits to the payment forecast.

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