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Editing a Payment Stream

You can easily edit the information captured for the payment records in a payment stream.

  If you have created a payment forecast for a payment stream, you should re-create the payment forecast whenever you update the payment stream.

The payment streams associated with a contract are edited from the Payments browse screen in a Contract Profile.



Payments link

Click to display the Payments browse screen.


Payment Stream

Locate the payment stream you want to edit.


Edit icon

Click the icon to display a screen that allows you to edit a payment stream.



Stream Name field

If you want to change the name of the payment stream, type over the existing text.


Stream Type list

If you want to change the stream type, make a different selection in the list. The options are Incoming and Outgoing.


Payment record

Click inside a field for any payment record to make it editable, and update the information, as needed.

Note: The only fields that are not editable are Created By, Created On, and Stream, which is used in payment forecasting.


Add Payment button

Click if you want to add another payment to the payment stream.


Delete icon

If you want to delete a payment record, click on its Icon Delete icon.

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