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Adding a Payment Stream

One or more payment streams can be added to accommodate the different types of income expected from a contract (seller side) or if you want to track the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly payments made for a contract (buyer side), especially if the payments increase over time.

  A payment stream must include at least one payment record in order to be saved in the Novatus system.

The payment streams associated with a contract are added from the Payments browse screen in a Contract Profile.



Payments link

Click to display the Payments browse screen.


Add Stream button

Click to display a screen that allows you to add a payment stream.



Stream Name field

Enter a descriptive name for the payment stream.


Stream Type list

Select Outgoing if you are tracking the payments made by your company under the contract. Select Incoming if you are tracking the payments due to your company under the contract.


Add Payment button

Click to display the fields that will allow you to add a payment record to the payment stream.


Payment data fields

Populate each field in the payment record by clicking in the field to activate it, and then entering your information. In the date fields, you can use the image717.png icon to display and pop-up calendar to assist you in selecting the correct date.

Note: If you are entering several payment records and wish to eliminate some of the columns that are displayed for a payment record, click on the arrow icon to the right of any column to display the Sort/Column menu, and select Columns to display a list of available fields. Select the fields you want to use in capturing payment data by clicking in the check box to the left of the field. See Viewing Payment Streams for more information.


Delete icon

Click the Icon Delete icon to delete a payment record.


Save button

Click to save your information and add a payment stream to the contract.

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