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Updating the Settings (URL) for the Clause Library

The Clause Library you use to update a MS Word document may vary based on the Novatus environment where the clauses are stored.  For example, your company may run multiple instances of Novatus, including Test, Sandbox, Preview, and Demo environments.  Updating the URL for Document Assembly allows you to easily switch between Novatus sites and eliminates the need to reinstall the Word plug-in every time you want to switch environments.

The Settings option also allows the Novatus customers who use the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature to define their company's URL for the Document Assembly feature.

1. Launch MS Word and open a document.


2.  Click the Conga Novatus Word Plugin tab, and click Settings.


3.  In the Settings window:

  • Verify the URL is correct in the End Point URL list, or select a different URL in the list.

 For Single Sign-On customers, click the Use SSO check box, and enter your company's Novatus-provided URL in the SSO URL field. Click Save. If the correct URL is not entered, you will be prompted to enter the URL again.

  • Click Save.

4.  (Optional) Update the document with the clauses stored in the selected environment.