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Copying a Contract Address

Novatus can display the address information stored in a Contract Profile in block format. Using the familiar copy (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl V) features, this address block can then be copied to another application or program.

A contract address is copied from a Contract Profile.



Addresses link

Click to display the Addresses browse screen.


Address record

Locate the address you want to copy.

Note: If the address you want to copy is not shown in the Contract Addresses section of the screen, click the Edit Addresses button, and then click the Show Company Locations button to display a list of all company locations.


Copy to Clipboard icon

Click on the icon for the address to display the Copy to Clipboard window.


Copy to Clipboard window

Simultaneously hold down the Ctrl and C keys on your keyboard to copy the highlighted address. To copy only a portion of the address, click anywhere inside the window to remove the highlighting, and then use your mouse to highlight the line item(s) you want to copy.


Expand link

Click if the entire address is not visible in the Copy to Clipboard window. A secondary window displays showing the address in its entirety.


Close icon

Click on the icon to close the window.