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Adding an Existing Address to a Contract

Any location stored in the Company Profile for a contract can easily be identified as an address for the contract.

  If the contract address has not been captured as a company location, you must add it as a new contract address/company location.

Existing address are added to a contract from the Contract Profile.



Addresses link

Click to display the Addresses browse screen.


Edit Addresses button

Click to display a screen that will allow you to assign an existing company address to a contract.



Show/Hide Company Locations toggle button

Click the Show Company Locations button to display the Company Locations section of the screen with a list of all the current locations for the company. The toggle button is used to display/hide the existing company locations that can be added to the contract.



Company Address records

Locate the company address you want to add to the contract.

Note:   If the address is not listed, you must add a new contract address/company location.


Add icon

Click on the icon for the address to add it to the contract. The address is automatically added to the Contract Addresses section of the screen.


Address Type list

Click in the field to activate it, and then make a selection in the list that most closely identifies the type of address you are adding to the contract.

Note: If you want to edit the information in any of the other fields, click inside a field to activate it, and then type over the existing information in the field or make a different selection in the list.


Save button

Click to save your information and add the existing address to the contract.