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Adding a Responsible Person to a Contract

A contract may require people to oversee phases in its life cycle, such as negotiation, maintenance, renegotiation, and archival. The responsibilities associated with managing the phases of a contract's life cycle can be added to a Contract Profile and assigned to any of the people who have been added to the Address Book, which include program users and company contacts.

A contract responsibility is added to a Contract Profile that is in edit mode.

People Con1.png


Contract Profile

Open the Contract Profile that needs a responsibility assigned to the contract.


Edit Contract button

Click to display the Contract Profile in Edit mode.



Add Responsibility button

Click to display a menu with a list of responsibilities for the contract.


Responsibility options

Locate the responsibility you want to add in the list, and click on it to select it. A new responsibility record displays in the Responsibilities section of the screen.



Name field

Begin typing the first name or last name of the person you want to assign to the responsibility. Novatus displays a pop-up list with people whose names match your input. Click on a person's name to select them.



Responsibility record

Ensure that the correct person has been assigned to the responsibility.


Save button

Click to add the responsible person to the contract.