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Document Packages Link

The Document Packages link is used to display the Document Packages browse screen, which stores the document packages that have been created for the contract, either during negotiation or in enforcing the contract. A document package is comprised of one or more documents that are shared and edited by a group of users for the purpose of performing a contract-related task.

  Document packages are added to a Contract Profile using the Document Package Wizard. To run the wizard, click on the Wizard Tools button in the Action Bar and select Document Package Wizard in the menu. Before running the wizard, upload all the needed documents for the package using the Documents link.

To access the Document Packages browse screen, open a Contract Profile, and scroll to the Links section of the screen.



Document Packages link

Click to display the Document Packages browse screen.


Document Package records

View the document packages for the contract.


Document Package tabs

The Current (default) view shows the current document packages for which you are a member. You can also select one of the other five views: Checked Out (shows documents you have checked out for review or edit), Submitted (shows documents submitted for electronic signature and the people required to sign the documents), Completed (shows completed document packages for which you are a member), All Packages (shows incomplete document packages), and All Completed (shows completed document packages).


Search option

To quickly locate a document package, type the first few letters of the package name or other identifier in the Search field, and click the icon. To clear the filter, click on the icon.

Note: If you only know part of the package name or other identifier, use a leading and/or trailing wild card (denoted by an asterisk "*"). For example, if you wanted to search for a document package that you know contains the word "amendment," you could enter *amend* in the Search field.

Important: Use the Search filter to limit the fields that are searched by clicking on the button to display a list of searchable fields. Select only the check box(es) for the field(s) you want to search to guarantee accurate results.


Document Package icons

Review the following icons, which are used to perform tasks related to the entire document package:

  • User Settings icon - allows you to manage the user settings for the document package.
  • User Admin icon - allows you to add and delete members of the document package, as well as modify their permissions.
  • Document Package Profile icon - jumps to the Document Package Profile screen.
  • Complete Document Package icon - completes the document package after the contract has been finalized. The document packages moves to the Completed view in the portlet.
  • Delete icon - deletes the document package.
  • Submit for Electronic Signature icon - initiates the eSignature process using DocuSign or EchoSign.
  • Review Envelope icon (not shown) - allows you to review a document package that has been submitted for electronic signature.
  • Go To icon (not shown) - jumps to the Contract Profile screen.


Document icons

Review the following icons, which are used to perform tasks for individual documents in the document package:

  • Check Out Document icon - allows you to check out a document from the document package. Similarly, the Check In Document icon allows a document to be checked back in to the document package. While the document is checked out, no other member of the Document package can edit the document.
  • Lock Document icon - locks the document so that no other edits can be made. Similarly, the Unlock Document icon allows a document to be unlocked so that the document can be edited.
  • Revision History icon - displays a screen showing a history of the revisions to the document.
  • Download Document icon - allows you to download a read-only copy of the document.
  • Delete icon - deletes the document.


Sort option

If you want to change the sort order of the data in a column, click on the column heading to toggle the sort order..


Column Display option

To customize the display of information in a screen, click on the arrow icon to the right of any column to display the Sort/Column menu, and select Columns to display a list of available fields. Select the fields you want displayed in the browse screen by clicking in the check box to the left of the field.


Reorder and Resize options

  • To resize a column, mouse over the right or left border of the header until the resize icon appears. Then, click on the border and drag it until the column is the desired width.
  • To move a column to a different location in the browse screen, click on the column header and then drag it to the left or right, and drop it in the desired location. If you are successfully moving a column of data, the icon displays during the move.
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