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Creation Wizard

The Creation Wizard allows you to create contracts using the standard templates created by your Administrator.

Before running the Creation Wizard, you must first create a Contract Profile.



Creation Wizard button

Click to display a Creation Wizard Selection prompt.


Template Name list

Select the template for the type of contract you are creating. Only the templates that are appropriate for this contract type will be listed.

  If you receive a message stating there was an error creating the contract, it is because the template you selected will create a type of contract document for which you do not have permission.


Submit button

Click to select the template and launch the Contract Creation Wizard.

  If the template you selected does not require you to provide information before creating the contract, the Contract Creation Wizard will not display, and you will simply receive a confirmation that the contract draft has been created (see Step 3).

Step 1: Read Welcome Screen


Next button

Click to proceed to the next step of the wizard.

Step 2: Answer Question(s)

The question(s) posed by wizard in creating the contract will differ, depending on the type of contract you are creating. Also, the number of steps in the wizard will be determined by the number of questions posed by the wizard.

The example below relates to the creation of a Software Licensing Agreement that poses only one question (i.e., Will the software be hosted on our server?).


Template Question

Review the question that you need to answer.


Selection list

Select the response that best answers the question from the list of available responses.


Finish button

Click to complete the wizard and generate a draft contract document in MS Word.

Step 3: Receive Confirmation – Creation of Contract Draft

Once the system generates the contract draft, the prompt below displays. The prompt advises you that the contract draft has been stored in the Documents screen in the Contract Profile where you can view it and perform other document-related tasks.


Click Here link

Select if you want also want to download a copy of the contract to your PC.


Close button

Click to close the prompt.


Documents link

Select to display the Documents browse screen.


New Contract record

Verify that the new contract has been created as a MS Word document.

Note: The Document Type for the new contract displays as Contract Template.

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