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Copying a Contract

If you need to create a contract that is very similar to one that already exists in Novatus, you can make a copy of the contract using the Copy Contract Wizard. The wizard populates the fields in the new Contract Profile with information found in the duplicated Profile, while allowing you to select any captured dynamic forms that you want to include in the new Profile. Once the new Contract Profile is created, you can add new information to the Profile, as well as edit the copied information.

To make a copy of a Contract Profile, open its Profile.



Copy Contract button

Click to display the Copy Contract Wizard.

Step 1: Read Welcome Screen



Next button

Click to proceed to the next step of the wizard.

Step 2: View and Select Dynamic Forms

The list that displays is a comprehensive listing of all the dynamic contract forms that have been added to Novatus Contracts.



Sort option

Click on the Form Captured column to select it, and then click on the arrow icon to the right of the column to display the Sort/Column menu. Select the Sort Descending option so that the forms that have been captured one or more times display at the top of the list. This allows you to quickly identify the dynamic forms that were populated and saved in the Contract Profile you are copying.

Note: You can quickly sort the data in a column in ascending or descending order by clicking (toggling) on the column heading.



Dynamic Form check boxes

Select the check boxes for all the captured dynamic forms you want to copy from the original Contract Profile. These forms will be stored in the Additional Forms section of the new profile.

Important: If you do not want to copy any captured dynamic forms to the new contract, simply click the Next button. Uncaptured dynamic forms are automatically added to the new Contract Profile.


Next button

Click to proceed to the next step of the wizard.

Step 3: Review Copy Contract Summary



Copy Contract Summary

Review and verify the information on the captured dynamic forms that have been copied to the new Contract Profile.


Finish button

Click to make a copy the Contract Profile and add the selected dynamic forms.

The new Contract Profile displays in edit mode with all of the required fields automatically populated, except the contract's original expiration date. The information in the optional fields of the copied profile has also been replicated to the new profile, including any persons identified as responsible for the contract (e.g., Contract Manager).



Original Exp Date field

Enter the expiration date for the new contract. You can also click on the calendar Icon Calendar icon to display a pop-up calendar to select the date.


Event alert icon

Click on the image718.png icon to set up an event alert for the copied contract's expiration date. See Step I in Adding a Root Contract or Adding an Incorporated Contract.


Term and Renewal fields and list

If needed, edit the term and renewal information for the contract: Term Type, Effective Date, Current Exp Date, Renewal Interval, Notice Period, and Notice Date.

Note: Term Type is a required field.


Required fields and lists

If needed, update the information in the required fields and lists: Contract Group, Contract Type, Agreement Type, Legal Entity, and Status.

Note: The Contract Number field is auto-populated by Novatus and is normally not editable. The Currency list is auto-populated with the currency selected in the System window of your User Preferences.


Optional fields and lists

If needed, update the information in the optional fields and lists: Contract Purpose, Contract Value, Proposed Value, Location, Description, and Effective Date.

Note: If you are copying an incorporated contract, an editable Agreement Link list will be present.


Contract Additional fields

If there are additional fields present and if information for these additional fields was captured in the original contact, this information will be replicated in the copied contract. Review the captured information and edit the fields, as needed.


Responsibilities section

  • If you want to add a responsible person to the contract, click the Add Responsibility button to display a list of additional contract responsibilities, and click on a responsibility to add it to the contract. Click in the Name column to display of list of people who can perform this function for the contract, and click on their name to select them.
  • If you want to change the person assigned to a responsibility, click in the Name column for a responsibility to display of list of other people who can perform this function, and click on another name to reassign the responsibility.
  • If you want to delete a contract responsibility, simply click on the Icon Delete icon for the responsibility.


Save button

Click to create the new contract by copying an existing contract.

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