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Editing a Company Relationship

You can easily edit a company relationship if a correction needs to be made to the relationship, or if you simply want to add notes on the relationship.

A company relationship is edited from the Relationships screen in the Company Profile for either company.



Relationships link

Click to view the Relationships browse screen. The link is appended by a number, indicating the number of relationships the company has with other companies in the Novatus system.


Relationship records

Locate the relationship you want to edit, and click on it to display its Relationship Profile.



Is list

If you want to redefine the relationship, change the selection in the list to more accurately define the relationship with the company listed in the To company field.


To Company list

If you want to select a different company, click on the icon to display a list of all the companies in your system.

Note: You can page through the list using the navigation arrows, or use the Search option to quickly locate a company. Simply enter the first few letters of the company name into the Search field and click on the icon.


Notes field

If you want to update or augment the notes, click in the field to activate it, and enter the updated information.

Note: If the text you enter exceeds the viewing area of the field, click the Expand link to display a window that will allow you to view the text in its entirety.


Save button

Click to save your information and edit the company relationship.

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