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Viewing Company Relationships

If a company has a relationship with another company in Novatus, the type of relationship can be viewed from the Company Profile for either company.

A company’s relationships are viewed from the Relationships screen in the Company Profile.


Relationships link

Click to display the Relationships screen. The link is appended by a number, indicating the number of relationships the company has with other companies in the Novatus system.


Relationship records

View the types of relationships that this company shares with other companies in the Novatus system. To view additional information for the relationship, click on a record to display its Relationship Profile. From the profile, you can also edit relationship information.


Expand icon

To display any notes explaining the relationship, click on the icon.


Company link

To jump to the Company Profile for a related company, click on the company name link.


Delete icon

To delete the company relationship, click on the Icon Delete icon.



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