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Adding an Additional Company Name

The Additional Names feature provides a way of storing the different names under which a company has conducted, or is currently conducting business. Novatus provides three ways of categorizing additional company names:  Also Known As (AKA), Doing Business As (DBA), and Formerly Known As (FKA).

Additional names for a company are added from the Company Profile.



Additional Names link

Click to view the Additional Names browse screen. The link is appended by a number, indicating the number of additional names for the company.


Add Name button

Click to display a screen that allows you to add a new company Doing Business As, Formerly Known As, or Also Known As.



Required field and list

Populate the Company Name field, and make a selection in the Additional Name Type list.


Optional fields

Populate the Effective Date and Description fields, if known.


Save button

Click to save your information and add the additional company name.