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Viewing an Additional Name Profile

The Additional Name Profile records and stores information for a company that undergoes a name change due to merger or acquisition, or when the company elects to use a different name when conducting business. An additional name can also pertain to an alternate name by which a company is known, such as an acronym for the full corporate name.

The Additional Name Profile is accessed from the Additional Names browse screen in the Company Profile.


Additional Names link

Click to view the Additional Names browse screen. The link is appended by a number, indicating the number of additional names for the company.


Additional Name records

Locate the additional name you want to view, and click on it to display its Additional Name Profile.


Additional Name fields and lists

View the information for the additional name. To edit the information in a field, click in the field to activate it, and then type over the existing text, or make a different selection in the list.


Delete button

Click to delete the additional name from the Company Profile.


Cancel link

Click to return to the Additional Names browse screen.