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Adding a Company Location

The Locations feature is used to store and manage all the addresses for a company, including the corporate office (or headquarters), branch offices, subsidiaries, and satellite offices.

A company location is added from the Locations browse screen in a Company Profile.



Locations link

Click to view the Locations browse screen. The link is appended by a number, indicating the number of locations that have been recorded for the company.


Add Location button

Click to display a screen that allows you to add a new location for the company or one of its contracts.



Location Name

Enter a name for the new location. This is the only required field.

Note: If you need help populating a field, mouse-over its icon to display a quick tip with helpful information or instructions.


Optional fields and lists

Populate the optional fields and lists: address information, phone numbers, and Location Type.

In entering a phone number, enter the area code, followed by the phone number (e.g., 407-555-3770 or (407) 555-3770). To enter an extension, simply enter an "x" followed by the extension number (e.g., 407-555-3770 x 47). If you incorrectly enter a phone number, the Phone Number Entry window displays to assist you.


Save button

Click to save your information and add the company location.

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