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Adding a Person to a Company

You can add a person to a company from two locations: People browse screen or Person Profile. If you are adding one person to the company, it is quicker to add the person from the People browse screen. However, if you are entering several company people at the same time, you can use the Add Person button in the toolbar of the first Person Profile you create to continue adding people without having to return to the People browse screen.

You must add a person to the Company Profile In order to make a person available to participate in events, workflows, and document packages and/or to receive email messages sent from a profile.

A person is added to a company from the People browse screen or Person Profile in a Company Profile.



People link

Click to display the People browse screen. The link is appended by a number, indicating the number of people that have been added to the profile.


Add Person button

Click to display a screen that will allow you to enter information for the new person.



Name fields

Enter the person's first and last name in the First Name and Last Name fields.


Email Address field

Enter the email address for the new company person.


Functions multi-select list

Click on all the functions that the person can have in Novatus. To deselect a selected function, simply click on it.


Optional fields and lists

Enter the optional information for the person: Middle Name, Title, address data, contact numbers (Work, Mobile, Fax, Home), Mail Stop, Organization, and any Notes.

Note: In entering a phone number, enter the area code, followed by the phone number (e.g., 407-555-3770 or (407) 555-3770). To enter an extension, simply enter an "x" followed by the extension number (e.g., 407-555-3770 x 47). If you incorrectly enter a phone number, the Phone Number Entry window displays to assist you.


Save button

Click to save your information and add the Person Profile (shown below) to the Company Profile.



Person Profile screen

Verify the information in the profile.


Add Person button

Click if you want to add another person to the Company Profile.


Browse People button

Click if you do not want to add additional people and return to the People browse screen.

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