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Documents Link

The Documents link in a Company Profile is used to display a Documents browse screen, which stores the documents associated with the company, such as a certificate of insurance and financial statements.

To access the Documents browse screen, open a Company Profile, and scroll down to the Links section of the screen.



Documents link

Click to display the Documents browse screen. The link is appended by a number, indicating the number of documents contained in the profile.


Document record

View the documents that have been uploaded to the profile.

Note: If you want to view additional information for the document, click on a document record to display its Document Profile. From the profile, you can also edit the document's information, directly edit the document in Word in the Novatus system, download it, upload a revision, compare revisions, move the document to another profile, or delete the document.


Search option

To quickly locate a document, type the first few letters of the document name or other identifier in the Search field, and click the icon. To clear the filter, click on the icon.

Note: If you only know part of the document name or other identifier, use a leading and/or trailing wild card (denoted by an asterisk "*"). For example, if you wanted to search for a document that you know contains the word "draft," you would enter *draft* in the Search field.

Important: Use the Search filter to limit the fields that are searched by clicking on the button to display a list of searchable fields. Select only the check box(es) for the field(s) you want to search to guarantee accurate results.


Download icon

Click on the icon to view or save a copy a document that has been uploaded to the profile.


Revision Number

View the number of times the document has been revised. To view or download earlier versions of the document, click on the document record to display the Document Profile screen, and scroll down to the Revisions section of the screen.


New Document button

Click to display a screen that will allow you to add a new company document.


Multi-Print button

Click to select multiple documents for printing.


Previous Company Documents tab

Click to view a list of all the documents that were uploaded to the Company Profile when the company was recorded under a different name in the Novatus system.


Company Contract Documents tab

Click to view a list of the documents uploaded to the Contract Profiles linked to the Company Profile.


Sort option

If you want to change the sort order of the data in a column, click on the column heading to toggle the sort order.


Column Display option

To customize the display of information in a screen, c lick on the arrow icon to the right of any column to display the Sort/Column menu, and select Columns to display a list of available fields. Select the fields you want displayed in the browse screen by clicking in the check box to the left of the field.


Reorder and Resize Columns

  • To resize a column, mouse over the right or left border of the header until the resize icon appears. Then, click on the border and drag it until the column is the desired width.
  • To move a column to a different location in the browse screen, click on the column header and then drag it to the left or right, and drop it in the desired location. If you are successfully moving a column of data, the icon displays during the move.
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