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Additional Forms Link

The Additional Forms link is used to display the Additional Forms browse screen, which shows any additional forms that Administrators have linked to the Company Profile and users have completed in order to capture supplementary information for the company. An additional form may be used for all companies, or specific company types and/or groups.

To access the Additional Forms browse screen, open a Company Profile, and scroll down to the Links section of the screen.



Additional Forms link

Click to display the Additional Forms browse screen, which contains a list of the additional forms that you need to complete for the company.

Note: If the information for a required additional form has not been captured, the Additional Forms browse screen automatically displays every time the Company Profile is opened. In addition, a Missing Required Additional Forms heading appears at the top of the screen.


Forms Captured field

Review the number of times a form has been captured (completed). If there is a "0" in the field, and the form is required, the form must be captured (completed) at least once.

Note: Capturing a form more than once is likely if a document, such as an insurance certificate, is renewed annually.


Additional Form records

  • View the list of additional forms that have been (and/or need to be) captured for the Company Profile. Required forms display with a pink background.
  • Click on a form record that has been captured to display browse screen showing summary information for the additional form (shown below).



Captured Additional Form records

Click on an existing additional form to display its Additional Form Profile. From the profile (shown below), you can edit the form, copy the form, view a history of the form, and delete the form.


New [Company Financials] button

Click to add (capture) another additional form.