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Archiving a Company

The Archive feature is used when a company needs to be removed from the program screens in Novatus. This usually occurs when the company already has a Company Profile, but a second profile is mistakenly created. If data has already been added to the duplicate Company Profile, such as contracts and events, it is recommended that you first run the Acquisition Wizard to move this data to the original Company Profile. Then, you can archive the duplicate Company Profile, which will remove it from the browse screens and the company will no longer display as a search result when a search is run.

The Archive feature is run from a Company Profile.



Admin Tools button

Click to display a menu, and select Archive.

Note: If the Admin Tools button is not in your Toolbar, you do not have permission to use company wizards.


Archive Company confirmation prompt

Select the Yes button to archive the company.

Note: You can confirm the Company Profile has been archived by running a search for the company or viewing the list of companies in the All Companies browse screen.


Operation Error message

If this message displays, the archiving process was unsuccessful because the Company Profile you are trying to archive contains active contracts, events, or other items. Run the Acquisition Wizard and assign the company data, and then run the Archive feature again.