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Unmarking a Company as a Legal Entity

In the event a company is no longer considered a legal entity (i.e., cannot be a party to a contract), you can "unmark" it. However, if the company is currently assigned as the legal entity on any contracts, you will not be able to "unmark" it until you first remove or reassign all its contracts to a different legal entity. This is accomplished using the Advanced Edit feature in the Admin menu in the Navigation Toolbar. If you do not have permissions to use this feature, contact your Administrator.

  If you erroneously unmark as company as a legal entity, you can easily mark it as a legal entity.

A company is unmarked as a legal entity from its Company Profile.


Admin Tools button

Click to display a menu, and select Unmark as Entity.

Note: If the Admin Tools button is not in your Action Bar, you do not have permission to use company wizards.


Request Complete prompt

Click the OK button in the prompt to confirm that the company has been unmarked as an internal legal entity.

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