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Adding a Company

You can add as many companies as you like to Novatus.  In adding a company, you create a Company Profile, which stores basic information and provides links to other program screens where you can store additional company information, upload documents, and perform tasks relative to the stored information.

  Before adding new company, ensure the company does not already exist in the Novatus system by searching for the company name in the All Companies browse screen.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Companies to display a menu, and select the New Company link.

Note: If the New Company link is not present, you do not have permission to add companies.


Required fields

Enter the required information for the new company: Company Name, Company Group, and Status. Company Number is also a required field but is automatically assigned by the system. The number format is configured by your Administrator.

Note: If a question mark icon appears next to a field, there is a Quick Tip available for the field. Click on the icon if you need help populating the field.


Optional fields

Enter the optional information for the new company: Tax ID number (TIN), DUNS number, Website URL, Company Type, Category, physical address, phone numbers, and description.

Note: For the Phone Number and Fax Number fields, a Phone Number Entry window displays if you do not use the correct format in entering the phone number. The window also allows you to enter an extension number and a country code for international phone/fax numbers.

Important: All phone and fax numbers must include the area code, as well as the phone number (e.g., 407-745-3070). To enter an extension, just type the letter "x," followed by the extension number.


Company Additional fields

If your Administrators want you to capture additional information for the company, there will be required and/or optional fields in this section of the Company Profile. You must populate any required fields, or you will not be able to save the profile.


Save button

Click to save your information and create the Company Profile (shown below).