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Associating an Advanced Report with a Query

Once you have created an advanced report, you can link a previously saved Search Query to the new report. Using a Search Query that you have already created filters the information that displays in the report versus generating a report showing all the information in the Novatus system.

  The Search Query used should include all the fields in the advanced report or the report will have blank data fields.

Advanced Format1


Navigation Toolbar

Click on Reports to display a menu, and then select Reports to display the Report Browse screen.

Note: If Reports is not in your Navigation Toolbar, you do not have any Reporting permissions.


Advanced Report record

Locate the advanced report you want to associate with a search query, and click on it to select it. Advanced reports are located in the Report Group: Advanced Report section of the screen.

Note: To quickly locate the report, enter the report name (or other identifier) in the Search field, and depress the Enter key on your keyboard. Click the icon to clear the search.


Edit Report button

Click to display the advanced report in edit mode so that you can associate it with a search query.

Note: You can also double-click on the report record to display the advanced report.



Change Query button

Click to display the Query Selection window.


Search Query record

Locate the search query you want to associate with the advanced report, and click on it to select it (e.g., Active Contracts – the report will display only contract, document, and event data for the active contracts).


OK button

Click to select the search query, and close the Query Selection window.


Save button

Click to associate the search query with the advanced report.

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