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Scheduling a Report

You can set up a delivery schedule for a report that you created so that it is automatically emailed to a list of recipients, or an entire distribution list. The report can be scheduled to be delivered once, or you can schedule the report so that is distributed daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Reports to display a menu, and then select Scheduled Reports to display the Scheduled Reports browse screen.

Note: If Reports is not in your Navigation Toolbar, you do not have any Reporting permissions.


New Scheduled Report button

Click to display the Scheduled Report Edit screen.

Note: If you are running Analytics, the Scheduled Reports browse screen is divided into two sections: Scheduled Reports and Scheduled Analytics Reports.



User list

Select the user whose name you want to appear as the sender of the scheduled report.

Note: You can also simply enter the first few characters of a person's last name directly into the field, and the system will automatically display possible matches in a drop-down list. Click on the correct person's name to select it.



Report Name list

Select the name of the report you want to schedule. The reports in the list are those you have created, the reports you have copied, and the global reports that other users have shared with everyone.

Note: If the report you want to schedule is not listed, it was probably created by another user, and you will have to make a copy of the report to display it in your reports list.



Scheduled Start Date field

Enter the first date you want the report to be emailed. You can also click the image1450.png icon to use the pop-up calendar to select the date.



Scheduled End Date field

Enter the last date you want the report to be emailed. If you are scheduling the report for a one-time delivery, or if you want to schedule this report for an indefinite period of time, leave this field blank.



Scheduled Frequency list

Select how often you want the report to be emailed. The options are Single, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.

Note: If you select the Daily option, you can select the individual days of the week (Sun-Sat) for the report's distribution; however, the Frequency Interval field will not display.



Frequency Interval field

Enter the number of times you want the report to be emailed during the timeframe you selected in the Scheduled Frequency list. For example, if you selected Weekly and you want the report to be emailed every week, enter "1" in this field. If you want the report to be emailed every two weeks, enter "2" in the field.



Export Type field

Select the format for the report. The options are PDF and XLS (Excel).



Notification List icon

Click on the icon to display the Address Book.

  • Click on the names of all the people you want to receive the report, or you can click on an email distribution list to send the report to all the members of the distribution list. The email addresses of the selected people, or the name of the distribution list, appears in the Addresses list box.
  • To quickly locate a person or a distribution list, type the first few letters of the person's name or the name of the distribution list in the Search field, and click on the Icon Magnifyer icon. To clear the filter, click on the Icon Search Clear icon.
  • Click the Submit button to close the Address Book and select the people who will receive the scheduled report.

Note: You can also click in the field and type the first few characters of an email address, or the name of a distribution list, directly into the field to display a drop-down list with possible matches. Click on the correct match to select it and populate the field.



Instructions field

Enter the appropriate information or instructions for the report.

Note: If the text you enter exceeds the viewing area of the field, click the Expand link to display a window that will allow you to view the text in its entirety.



Do Not Send Empty Report check box

Select if you want Novatus Contracts to cancel the distribution of the report whenever the report is empty (i.e., the report contains no data).



Save button

Click to save your information and schedule the report.

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