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Locating a Report

Reports are stored and accessed from the Report Browse screen, which displays a list of your reports, in groups, based on the way in which the report was created. Any global reports that were shared with you also display in your Browse screen.

1.  Click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Reports link.

2.  (Optional) Make a selection in the User Reports list to search only the reports for a different user.  By default, your name is selected and only your reports display.

3.  In the Report Browse screen, enter the name (or part of the name) of the report, in the Search field. 

4. When the list of possible matches displays, locate the report. 

5.  (Optional) Perform any of the following tasks for the report:

  • Edit the report by double-clicking on the report record to launch the Report Wizard if it is a standard report, or the Advanced Reporting screen if it is an advanced report.
  • Edit the report by clicking the report's Icon Report1.png icon if it is an Analytics Report.  Analytics reports are previewed and printed from the Analytics Report Builder.
  • Click to preview the report.
  • Click   to generate the report as a PDF file.
  • Click    to generate the report as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Click to make a copy of the report.
  • Click   to share the report with all other users.  You can only share your reports, not the reports created by other users.