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Report Browse Screen

The Report Browse screen stores and provides access to all the reports you have created, as well as the global reports that have been shared with you. From the Browse screen, you can preview, generate, share, and make a copy of any report, except an Analytics Report.

The default organization of reports in the Report Browse screen is grouping by report type:

  • Report Group: Company, Report Group: Contract, Report Group: Project, and Report Group: Request are the headings used for standard reports created using the Report Wizard. If a Secondary category was selected in the Wizard, the grouping will display both the primary and secondary categories, such as Report Group: Contract and Events.
  • Report Group: Advanced Report is the heading used for Advanced Reports. The group name will be appended by Company, Project, or Request, depending on the primary (and any secondary) reporting data you selected. For example, if you created an advanced report showing key contract data for a company, the report would be displayed as Report Group: Advanced Report: Company Contract.
  • Report Group: Global Reports is the heading used for the global reports that were created by another user and shared with all other program users.

Although the default organization of reports is by report group according to the way in which the report was created, you can change the way in which reports are grouped.


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