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Running a Document Search

The Document Search option allows you to perform a search for all the documents that have been uploaded to Novatus. A document search can also be used to locate a specific document that has been uploaded to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, as well as the Global, Company, Contract, and Project documents that meet certain criteria or contain specific information.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Search to display a menu, and then select Document Search to display the Document Search screen.

Important: If the Document Search option is not present, you are running the modern version of the basic search, which includes Document Profiles in the search results. To search for a document, enter the document name or other identifier in the Search field in the Navigation Bar, and depress the Enter key on your keyboard (or click the image215.png icon). See Running a Basic Search (Modern) for more information.


Document Type list

Select Global, Company, Contract, or Project, depending on how the document was uploaded. To search the entire Novatus system for the document, use the All (default) selection.


Search field

  • If you want to search for a specific document type (e.g., Executed Contract), enter the name of the document type or other identifier. Note: If you only know part of the document name or other identifier, use a leading and/or trailing wild card (denoted by an asterisk "*"). For example, to locate a document that has the word "Plan" or "Planning" in its name or in the body of the document, enter *Plan* in the field.
  • If you want to search documents that contain a specific keyword (e.g., software), enter the keyword or phrase in the field. This option employs the Novatus OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature.


Search button

Click to run the search.



Search Results

View the search results in the Results section at the bottom on the screen. The number of search results is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.

Note: To view the Contract (or Company) Profile for a document, click on the document record.


Revision column

If there is a number other than "1" in this column for a document, additional versions of the document can be downloaded and printed. Click on the document record to display the Contract (or Company/Project) Profile, and then scroll down to view a Revisions section, listing all of the revisions for the document. Click on the image191.png icon for a document revision to display a window that will allow you to view or download a copy of the revision.


Search Results display

  • If you want to change the fields that are displayed, click on the arrow image188.png icon to the right of any column to display the Sort/Column menu. Click on Columns to display a list of available fields for the search results, and then select the fields you want displayed by clicking in the check box to the left of the field. The fields that display in the list include both Company Profile and Contract Profile fields, so the list will be lengthy.
  • If you want the search results sorted by the data in a particular column, click on the arrow image188.png icon to the right of the column to display the Sort/Column menu, and then select Sort Ascending (A-Z or 0-9) or Sort Descending (Z-A or 9-0). You can also click on a column heading to quickly toggle the sort order.
  • If you want to resize a column to accommodate the information in that column, mouse over the right or left border of the column header until the resize image210.png icon appears. Then, click on the border and drag it until the column is the desired width.
  • If you want to reorder the columns of information, click on a column header and then drag it to the left or right, and drop it in the desired location. If you are successfully moving a column of data, the image211.png icon displays during the move.

Note: If you export the search results to an Excel spreadsheet or run an Advanced Report, the changes you make to the display of the search results will be reflected in the spreadsheet or report.


Document icon

Click on the image191.png icon to display a window that will allow you to view or download a copy of the document.



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