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Conga Support

Sharing a Saved (Global) Search Query

You can share a search query that you have created and saved with other program users by simply designating the saved search as a global search. Other users can then access the search by loading it to their recent searches.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on Search to display a menu, and then select Search Query to display the Search Query screen.


Load button

Click to display the Query Selection window, which displays a list of all the searches you have created, as well as the global reports that other users have shared.

Note: You can identify a global search that has been shared by another user since you will not be able to deselect its Global check box.


Search query record

Locate the search query record you want to share with other users, and click on it to select it.


Global check box

Click inside the check box for the search query record to select it.


OK button

Click to share your saved search query with other program users.