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Elastic Search

Using the Elastic Search feature, you can quickly search for text and numbers in Company, Contract, and Document Profiles, and have the results displayed in a format similar to that used by Internet search engines. You can also use Boolean operators in your search string to expand or limit your search results.


  If your Search Results screen does not resemble the one above, you are running a classic search.

A Search field Enter your search criteria, and depress the ENTER key on your keyboard (or click the icon).
B Company results

View the company search results, which display under linked Company profile headings. 

  • A company result includes the company number, type, group, status, category, address, and date last modified.
C Contract results

View the contract search results, which display under linked Contract profile headings. 

  • A contract result includes the contract number, type, status, effective date, current expiration date, date last modified, and term type, as well as the company name.
D Document results

View the document search results, which display under linked Document profile headings. 

  • A document result includes the file name, document type, version number, effective date, date last modified, and author, as well as information that identifies the Profile where the document is stored.
E TYPE check boxes To filter search results by profile type, clear the Company, Contract, or Document check boxes to display only the search results for the selected Profile(s).
F DATE MODIFIED radio buttons To filter search results by the date the profiles were last modified, select an option other than All Time.
G More Actions list - Contract and Company results Click Icon ESearch.png to display a menu listing the files stored in the Documents section of the Contract or Company Profile, and click on a file to download it.
H More Actions list - Document results Click Icon ESearch.png to display a menu, and click Download to download a copy of the document.
I Next and Previous buttons Use to scroll through the search results.


Boolean Operators

The following Boolean operators can be used in an elastic search:

" " Quotes - Enclose a phrase or text string in quotes to ensure the entire phrase/string is returned, instead of all instances of the individual words.
+ AND - Use to limit your search results. This operator requires both terms to be in each search result returned. If one term is contained in the Contract, Company, or Document Profile and the other is not, the search result is not included in the list. A "term" refers to a name, word, number, phrase, or text string.
| OR – Use to expand your search results. This operator returns either term (or both terms) in the search results.
- NOT – Use to remove search results containing this term. Once search results are obtained, this operator reviews the results and removes any that contains this term.
( ) Parenthesis – Enclose terms in parenthesis when you want a search statement to be performed first.

Example: Using the search string "Paradigm Shift" +(Company | Contract) –Maintenance will display a link to the Paradigm Shift Company Profile, as well as links to all the Contract Profiles for Paradigm Shift, except those profiles that contain the word Maintenance. Be sure not to add any extra spaces after an AND or NOT operator (+ -), or your search results will not be accurate.

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