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Processing a Resubmitted Supplier Registration

A supplier can resubmit a registration form via the Novatus Portal after a Novatus user has already approved their original registration request, and created a Company Profile for the supplier. When the Novatus approver is notified via email that another registration form has been submitted by the supplier, the approver must compare the information in the resubmitted registration form to the original information, and decide whether or not to update the information in the Company Profile.


Go To Supplier Registration link

Click to display the Supplier Registration Profile once you have logged into Novatus Contracts.



View Changes button

Click to display the fields that were updated in the resubmitted supplier registration form(s).



Updated Fields

Review the fields that have been updated. Fields with new information are displayed with a red highlight, include the updated text (date or number), and a selected check box.


Updated Field check box (selected)

If you want to update the Company Profile with the new information in the field, leave the check box selected.


Updated Field check box (unselected)

If you do not want to update the Company Profile with the new information, deselect the check box. A pop-up messages displays, advising you of the consequences of selecting and deselecting the check box for a field.


Accept button

Click to save the selected updates to the supplier’s Company Profile.