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Processing a Supplier Registration

When Administrators create supplier registration types, they design them to capture the type of information your company needs to assess a prospective supplier. Your job, as an approver, is to review the supplier's information, including any attached documents, for completeness and correctness, and then accept/decline their bid to do business with your company.


Navigation Toolbar

Click on My Place to display the menu, and then click on Supplier Registrations to display your Supplier Registration Browse screen.

Note: If the Supplier Registrations link is not in your My Place menu, you do not have the permission to view or approve/decline supplier registrations.


Supplier Registration records

Locate the supplier registration you want to review, and click on it to display its Supplier Registration Profile screen.


Search option

If you want to quickly locate a specific supplier registration, type the first few letters of the supplier name or other identifier in the Search field, and click the icon. To clear the filter, click on the icon.

Note: If you do not know the entire name for a supplier, use a leading and/or trailing wild card (denoted by an asterisk "*"). For example, to locate a supplier registration for a company you know has the word "Paper" in its name, enter *Paper* in the Search field.

Important: Use the Search Filter to limit the fields that are searched by clicking on the button to display a list of searchable fields. Select only the check box(es) for the field(s) you want to search to guarantee accurate results.


Supplier Data fields Review the data provided by the supplier to ensure all the fields have been populated. You may have to use the scroll bar to view all the data.


Supplier Document records View the list of documents provided by the supplier, including any notes the supplier furnished to provide additional information for the document.


Download Document icon

Click on the icon to download a copy of any document provided by the supplier. Review the document for accuracy and completeness.


Document Revision History icon

Click on the icon if you want to view a history of the revisions made to this document.


History tab

Click if you want to view a history of all the revisions made during the supplier registration process.


Accept button

Click if you want to accept the supplier registration. An Approve Registration prompt displays.


Existing Company List

If the supplier is already one of the companies in the Novatus system, click on the list arrow in the Existing Company list and locate the company in the alphabetized list. You can also use the Search feature by typing the first few letters of the company name in the Search field, and clicking the icon.


New Company radio button

If the company is not in your system, click inside the radio button to select this option. The screen refreshes and the Company Profile screen displays, allowing you to provide the required information to add the company to the Novatus system.


Submit button

Click to approve the supplier registration. The supplier will be notified via email that their registration has been approved.


Decline button

Click if you want to decline the supplier registration. A Decline Registration dialogue box displays.


Notes field

Enter the reason for declining the supplier registration.

Note: If the text you enter exceeds the viewing area of the field, click the Expand link to display a window that will allow you to view the text in its entirety.


Decline button

Click to decline the supplier registration. The supplier will be notified via email that their registration has been declined.