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Copying a Contract Request

You can make a copy of an existing contract request instead of creating a new one, and then edit the variable information, such as company name, before submitting it for approval. This feature is useful if you are submitting several requests with the same contract terms for more than one company.



Navigation Toolbar

Click on My Place to display the menu, and then click on Requests to display your My Requests browse screen.

Request Copy3


Contract Request record

Locate the contract request you want to copy, and click on its Icon Copy to Clipboard icon to display its Contract Request screen.

  To quickly locate a contract request, type the first few letters of the company name or other identifier in the Search field, and click the icon. You can also use the Created within, Request Status, and Request Type lists to filter the contract requests that display in your My Requests screen.

Request Copy4


Company Name field

Click on the Icon List Arrow icon to display the Select a Company window, and select a new company for the contract request.


Contract Description field

Update the description for the type of contract request being made, if needed.


Request Form fields

Enter or update the information in the fields for the main forms in the request type, as needed. Each request forms is displayed under a blue header.


Delete icon

If you want to delete a document uploaded to the request, click on its icon. Click the Remove All  icon to remove more than one document.


Download Document icon

If you want to download and view a copy of a document attached to the contract request, click on the Icon Download Document icon.


Upload document option

If you want to upload a new document to the request, click on the Select File button to display a File Upload window. Navigate to the file you want to upload, click on it to select it, and then click the Open button in the window.


Submit Request button

Select to submit the copied contract request.


Save as Draft button

Select if you cannot complete the contract request because you need to obtain additional data, or you are simply not ready to submit the request. The Novatus system will store the information you have already provided until you can reopen the request and complete it. To reopen and edit the copied contract request, click on the icon for the request in your My Requests browse screen.

  The contract request may include more than one request form and also include supplemental forms, which are displayed under gray headers. Update the fields in any additional request forms and any supplemental forms, as needed.

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