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Adding a Clause

You can add a contract clause to your Clause Library to provide easy access to language that is often used in creating, renewing, or negotiating your company's contracts.

1.  Click My Place in the Navigation Toolbar to display the menu, and then click the Clauses link.

2.  In the Clause Browse screen, click New Clause in the toolbar.

3.  In the Clause Profile Edit screen:

  • Enter a descriptive name for the clause in the Clause Name field.
  • (Optional) Enter a description of the clause in the Clause Description field.
  • Make a selection in the Clause Type list to identify the type of clause you are adding.
  • Make a selection in the Clause Category list to classify the clause.
  • (Optional) Make a selection in the Clause Security list to assign a level of security to the clause.

Clause security levels are linked to user roles. If you want all users to view the clause, select the lowest security level or do not make a selection in this list. If you want only power users and Administrators to view this clause, select a high security level.

  • Paste the text for the clause into the Clause Text field, or type the information directly into the field.
  • (Optional) Use the formatting options to bold, italicize, and underline clause text, as well as add bullets and numbering. The Icon Undo and Icon Redo icons are used to undo and redo changes to the text.
  • Click Save.
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