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Grouping Clauses

You can change the default grouping of the clauses that display in your Clause Browse screen so that they are grouped by clause type, security level, name, or even description, rather than by category. When clauses are grouped, the selected grouping displays as the gray header in the Clause Browse screen and all the records in that grouping appear as second level entries under that heading. You can also display clauses so that they are not grouped.


Navigation Toolbar

Click on My Place to display the menu, and then click on Clauses to display your Clause Browse screen.


Clause fields

Locate the field you want to group by (e.g., Name, Description, Type, Clause Security, Category) and click on it to select it. The default grouping is Category.


Sort/Column menu

Click on the arrow icon to the right of the column you want to "group by" to display the Sort/Column menu, and then click on Group by this field. Ensure the Show in Groups check box is selected or the clauses will not be displayed in groups.


The screen refreshes and displays the information, grouped according to your selection (i.e., Name).



Expand and Collapse icons

Use the expand and collapse icons to display/hide the text for a clause.


Sort/Column menu

Click on the arrow icon to the right of any column to display the Sort/Column menu, and click on Columns.


Category check box

Select the check box to add this column of information to the browse screen.

Note: Since the default grouping of clauses is by Category, this column of information is not displayed in the browse screen. When you change the default grouping, it is recommended that you add the Category information back into the browse screen.

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