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Conga Support

Adding a Global Document

You can share a document with other Novatus program users by adding it as a global document, which makes it available for viewing, download, and use in several program features.


Navigation Toolbar

Click on My Place to display the menu, and then click on Global Documents to display your Global Documents browse screen.


New Document button

Click to display the New Global Document screen.

Notes: If the New Document button is not present, you do not have the permission to add global documents.


Document Type list

Click on the list arrow to display a list of available document types, and then select the type of document you are adding.


Select button

Click to display a File Upload window that will allow you to locate and select the document file to be added to the profile.


Optional fields

Enter the optional information for the new document: Author, Effective Date, Current Expiration Date, and Description. Click on the icon in the date fields to display a pop-up calendar to help locate a date.


Save button

Click add the document and display its Document Profile.