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My Global Documents

The Global Documents browse screen contains documents that are available to all users for viewing, downloading, and for use with many of the program features. The browse screen provides a central location to store the documents that need to be accessed by all users, such as a standard contract in draft form.



Navigation Toolbar

Click My Place to display the menu, and then click the Global Documents link.


Global Document records

View the global documents at your disposal.

  • To access a global document, click on a document record to open its Global Document Profile where you can edit the document's information, directly edit a Word document in Novatus, download it, upload a revision, compare revisions, move the document to another profile, or delete the document.


Document Revision Number

If more than one version of the document exists, a number other than "1" appears in the Revision column.

  • To view a document with more than one revision, click on the document record to display the Global Document Profile.


Search list Hover over the Search label until it turns blue Icon SearchList.png, and then click on it to display a list of searchable fields.  Click in the check box to the left of the fields you want to search.


Search field

Locate a document by typing the first few letters of the document name in the Search field, and clicking .  To clear the filter, click .

 You can also search for a document using any of the other fields in the Icon SearchList.png list.  For example, if you wanted to search for all global documents that deal with final versions of the document, you could enter *final in the Search field.


Document icon

Click to download a copy of the document.

Based on the browser you are using, one of the following prompts will display:

  • Download tab (Chrome) - Click on the tab to display the file in a new browser window where you can save, print, and rotate the file.
  • Download bar (Internet Explorer) - Click on the Open button to open the file in Adobe Reader (or Acrobat), or click the Save → Open Folder buttons to open a Download window that allows you to navigate to the location on your PC where you want to save the file.
  • Opening window (Firefox) - Click OK to open the file, or select the Save radio button to open a window that allows you to rename the file and navigate to the location on your PC where you want to save the file, and then click the OK button.


New Document button

Click to add a document to the Global Documents Repository.

If the New Document button is not present, you do not have permission to add global documents.


Multi-Print button

Click to use the Multi-print feature, which allows you to print two or more PDF documents simultaneously.


Export to Excel button

Click to export the information displayed in the screen to an Excel spreadsheet.


Global document records display

Manage the display of information in the screen:

  • Update the columns that display using the Sort/Column menu.
  • Reorder and resize the columns to manage the display of information in the browse screen.
  • Sort the data in a column by clicking (toggling) on a column heading.