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Adding a Company Person

A company person is an individual who is a point of contact (POC) for a company in the Novatus system. You can add a company person from your Person Browse screen, or from the Company Profile. A company person can receive email messages from the Novatus system, but cannot access the system as a program user. However, a company person can access the data in the Novatus system and use the program features via the Portal whenever their input is needed.

  A legal entity person is a POC for a company that has been marked as a legal entity.

Before adding a company person, ensure that the person has not already been added to the Novatus system by checking your Person Browse screen or the Address Book.


Navigation Toolbar

Click on My Place to display the menu, and then click on People to display the Person Browse screen.


Add Company Person button

Click to display a New Company Person dialogue box.

 If you want to add a person to the Novatus system and not link the person to a particular company, add the person as an external participant.


Company Name field or New Company link

  • If the company for the new company contact already exists in the Novatus system, click in the Company Name field to activate it.
  • If you are entering a company person for a new company, click on the New Company link. See Adding a Company and Adding a Person to a Company.


Search field

Enter the first few letters of the company name in the Search field, and click on the icon. A list of companies matching your search criteria displays. Click on the correct company name.


Company Name record

Locate the correct company name and click on it to select it. To clear the search results, click on the icon.


Submit button

Click to launch the Company Profile.


People screen

Scroll down to the Links section of the Profile to display an input screen with the fields necessary to add a new company person.


First Name and Last Name fields

Enter the first and last name of the company person.


Email Address field

Enter the email address for the company person.


Functions list

Select all the functions that the company person can have in the Novatus system. To select more than one function, simply click on additional functions. To de-select a function, click on the highlighted function.


Optional fields

Provide the optional information for the company person, if known. The optional fields are Title, Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country, contact numbers (Work, Mobile, Fax, Home), Mail Stop, Organization, and any Notes you want to provide for the company person.


Save button

Click to add the company person to the Novatus system.