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Phone Number Entry Window

The Phone Number Entry window ensures that the phone numbers you enter into the Novatus program screens are properly formatted so that the correct information is available for general use and when running system reports. The window has fields to store the area code, phone number, extension number, and for international numbers, the country code.

The Phone Number Entry window automatically displays if you do not provide a phone number using the correct format (i.e., area code and phone number). The Phone Number Entry window is available in several program screens, including User Preferences Contact Information, Company Profile, Location Profile, Person Profile, and Contract Addresses


Country Code field

If you are storing an international number (outside the USA), enter the country code.


Area Code field

Enter the area code for the contact number, but do not use parenthesis.


Phone Number field

Enter the phone number, using a dash (-) to separate the numbers (e.g., 555-4216).


Extension field

Enter the extension for the contact number, but do not enter an "x" before the extension number since the program will do this for you.


Submit button

Click to save your information and add the contact number.